It matters HOW we talk


“Clarity in a Culture of Shame”


As Christian brothers and sisters, it matters HOW we talk to and with each other. In this workshop that looked at shame related to sexual identity, Columbia Bible College professor David Warkentin emphasized that how we listen to and hear each other matters.
There is a spectrum of ways that the church has responded and is currently responding to homosexuality, from full exclusion to full inclusion. As family, we need to approach each other in ways that create places to dialogue and find ways to discuss different views and conclusions.
David also highlighted Bruxy Cavey’s church, The Meeting House, as a case study of a church that is seeking a faithful response in our culture (see Friday workshop).
I heard that we all need to be aware of how shame keeps people in silence when it comes to sexual struggles within our communities and our world. This workshop connected well with my own thoughts and reflections pre-conference. I read Tim Otto’s book Oriented to Faith: Transforming the Conflict over Gay Relationships (I definitely recommend it) and was challenged by his call to the Christian community to have courageous conversations about homosexuality.
I am thankful for the great sharing and dialogue that the group was able to have today. I want to love my brothers and sisters within my church and seek together how to live faithfully in our context. David’s four word summary is my takeaway, a framework for my ongoing reflection: “Honest clarity and humble conviction.”
—Lisa Braun is from Hepburn (Sask.) MB Church.

Download David’s handout here.
DW – Handout

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