Prep Materials

Prep Materials

Study Conference Event Book is ready for viewing.

Board of Faith & Life Study Guide

The Board of Faith & Life Study Guide (including discussion guide) is available for all groups and individuals who would like to learn more about human sexuality. The study guide is provided as a booklet and in letter-size format. Both the booklet and the letter-size study guide have been print-formatted, for ease of use. When printing the booklet, please print double-sided and select “flip on short side” in the printing options.

Study Guide 2015 Booklet

Study Guide 2015 letter sized

Guide d’étude sur la sexualité

MB情性研討指引 or Study Guide 2015 (Chinese version)

AGM / Special Meeting

Click here to access these documents that will assist participants in preparing for the AGM / Special Meeting.

Recommended Reading List

The Board of Faith & Life has chosen a series of books that will assist attendees in preparing for upcoming study conference.

Click this link to access the Annotated Bibliography for Study Conference

Click on the following links to access book reviews:

Kindred Productions Book Special

To view the book special offered by Kindred Productions click here.